Creative Ways to Display Travel Keepsakes

Creative Ways to Display Travel Keepsakes

Often we end up finding some torn tickets, pebbles, and other souvenirs in your pockets and backpacks after a long trip. Throwing these things away is like tossing away all those memories. Instead, you can keep them at your home to collect memories from every trip that you have been to. Every time you or someone else come across these souvenirs, you will have a story to tell. So you must as well be creative to display them in your collection properly. Here are some creative ways to store your travel keepsakes for a long time.

Decorative binders

You can purchase an interesting looking binder from a stationary and use it as a blog for keeping your travel photos, postcards, brochures, tickets, restaurant menus, etc. Use your creativity to decorate the outside and insider of the binder. Soon you will have a library of binders containing memories from different trips you have been to.


Sand jars

If you fell in love with the sand of a beach, scroop up a little bit to take home with you. You can also take some shells with you along with the sand. Use a glass jar to fill up the sand and insert a picture from the tip on the top with extra shells and pebbles. It will be a great décor for your window-side table.

Room-key magnets

You can ask your hotel room staff nicely to let you keep the cheap plastic room keys when you are leaving your room. Collect as many as you can, and use magnetic tape to stick the keys to your refrigerator. It will remind you of the places you have been to every time you open your fridge for some food.


Every traveller needs a photobook apart from their computer storage to turn your travel snaps into a real collection. You can customize your pictures and print them out. Next, paste the pictures into your photobook and decorate the page with creative captions, backgrounds, and sketches. You can also paste some other memorable keepsakes like boarding passes and tickets to add more memories to it.

Ticket Collage

Ticket Collage

Another thing you can do with your tickets is to collect them all together and make a huge collage that you can hang on your wall. Tickets can be from events, museums, parks, or simply of travelling in public transports. It will not cost you anything to compile them all together into a big frame. You can use a map as the background and stick the tickets over the countries you have been to.

Travel Shelf

You can construct a travel shelf for an empty wall and place all your souvenirs on the shelf with a little information about the place. To do this, you will have to intentionally pick a few things from the destination, like a stick from a herbal plant, a special rock you found in the river, an art piece with traditional importance and more. You can make a mini-museum of your own with all the collectables from your journeys.