Alexa’s Latest Voice Revolution

Alexa’s Latest Voice Revolution

Amazon is making significant changes with Alexa by understanding all that consumers want at the moment. Their updates are featured through innovation and manage to carry forward the company’s aim and objective. With that being said, let us now go ahead and learn more about Amazon’s latest offering with Alexa.

1. Voice Command

The latest tweak from Amazon comes by changing their voice command option. Users need not tap the blue Alexa button on the screen to be able to tell a particular command. This makes matters effective since it is user-friendly and things will be reliable. The primary solution at hand will reach a lot faster without having to wait for the same. But the only aspect that brings this upgrade down is the fact that you need to keep it open continuously if you wish to use the “hands-free” option. Yes, you heard it right. The “hands-free” mode will only work when you launch the app and let it run throughout while you keep it open.

2. Alexa-Built in Smartphones

With the voice command option coming into the picture, the demand for Alexa might increase. In the past, we have already come across individuals wanting to either switch from Siri to Alexa or wanting an Alexa-built in smartphone. Well, those wishes can be satisfied because Amazon has already teamed up with a bunch of Android manufacturers in order to give you the complete experience. Smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Sony and OnePlus have partnered with Amazon in order to bring in Alexa-built in smartphones.

Alexa-built in smartphones

On the other hand, iPhone users need not worry because they can also trick Siri to launch Alexa. Yes, that’s right. All you have to do is to open the Alexa app through Siri and give it a quick glance to unlock, and you will be able to ask Alexa to do things. If you have the option for Face ID, then you need not touch your iPhone. Damian Mehers’ is a voice app that lets you launch the same by saying “Alexa”. But for such things to take place, you need to create a Siri Shortcut.

3. Recent Upgrades

Apart from the voice command option, Amazon also recently added the option to share photos and emoji reactions to Echo Show devices through the app. With that in hand, Alexa aims to form the complete picture, and you will be more than happy to use it as the default setting. Individuals who tend to multi-task will find the new upgrade to be beneficial as it offers easy mobility and other similar aspects. The inclusion of the hands-free voice commands is another feature that takes things further to a whole different level.