10 Healthy Body Facts You Never Knew

10 Healthy Body Facts You Never Knew

Since the early start of humankind, data with respect to the human body and its captivating structure fascinated researchers all...

Alexa’s Latest Voice Revolution

Alexa’s Latest Voice Revolution

Amazon is making significant changes with Alexa by understanding all that consumers want at the moment. Their updates are featured...

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10 Healthy Body Facts You Never Knew

Since the early start of humankind, data with respect to the human body and its captivating structure fascinated researchers all over the place. From the manner in which it capacities to the trillions of nerves present inside the cerebrum, everything had been investigated upon by incredible personalities. Be that as it may, even with the most recent of innovation and science, the human science is as yet immense and obscure. Children and grown-ups from a youthful age learn about the conspicuous turn of events and wellbeing related realities of the human body. In any case, do we know it all?

Coming up next are about 12 sound body realities we wager you never knew :

  1. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to sniffle with your eyes open. You can give it a shot whenever you wheeze just to understand that it’s impractical.


  1. Laughing consumes 100 fold the number of calories as going through 15 minutes on a fixed bike. So go on snicker as much as you need as opposed to practicing on the grounds that those calories won’t consume themselves.
  2. A normal grown-up through the span of his lifetime has 7 fillings done in his mouth.
  3. If your ears tingle uncommonly a great deal then that could show the chance of a yeast becoming inside.
  4. Sex offers incredible delight however did you ever consider consuming calories that way? Not us. Studies show that a brief dynamic time of sexual movement can wreck to 200 calories. You heard it. So don’t sit around steering clear of the real issue and guarantee a safe yet solid sex.
  5. Bodies discharge a small measure of light which is excessively powerless for the natural eye to take note. This was concentrated further by Japanese researchers who discovered that the body sparkle we here and there notice in individuals is in reality evident and is most noteworthy at 4pm and least at 10am during the day.

Our mouth

  1. Our mouth produces more than 1 lt of salivation just in a solitary day. Salivation helps in separating food effectively alongside the chemicals and microorganisms present normally inside the mouth that empower powerful biting.
  2. The human body sheds practically 4kg of skin cells consistently. The fish spa treatment helps in the evacuation of undesirable dead skin cells from our bodies. Nowadays, the excellence business targets creating face veils that evacuate dead skin cells for a delicate and flexible gleaming skin and the entirety of this is conceivable simply because the body sheds a great deal of skin cells.
  3. Big eyes can cause nearsightedness. Truly, you heard it right. Large eyes are viewed as lovely yet they accompany the drawback of having nearsightedness. Nearsightedness is likewise called myopia and a typical condition among people where far off items aren’t centered appropriately in this way bringing about a foggy picture. This happens when the extended eyes take in a lot of light than required.
  4. There are 67 distinct types of microbes living in the stomach catch of a normal individual.

Alexa’s Latest Voice Revolution

Amazon is making significant changes with Alexa by understanding all that consumers want at the moment. Their updates are featured through innovation and manage to carry forward the company’s aim and objective. With that being said, let us now go ahead and learn more about Amazon’s latest offering with Alexa.

1. Voice Command

The latest tweak from Amazon comes by changing their voice command option. Users need not tap the blue Alexa button on the screen to be able to tell a particular command. This makes matters effective since it is user-friendly and things will be reliable. The primary solution at hand will reach a lot faster without having to wait for the same. But the only aspect that brings this upgrade down is the fact that you need to keep it open continuously if you wish to use the “hands-free” option. Yes, you heard it right. The “hands-free” mode will only work when you launch the app and let it run throughout while you keep it open.

2. Alexa-Built in Smartphones

With the voice command option coming into the picture, the demand for Alexa might increase. In the past, we have already come across individuals wanting to either switch from Siri to Alexa or wanting an Alexa-built in smartphone. Well, those wishes can be satisfied because Amazon has already teamed up with a bunch of Android manufacturers in order to give you the complete experience. Smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Sony and OnePlus have partnered with Amazon in order to bring in Alexa-built in smartphones.

Alexa-built in smartphones

On the other hand, iPhone users need not worry because they can also trick Siri to launch Alexa. Yes, that’s right. All you have to do is to open the Alexa app through Siri and give it a quick glance to unlock, and you will be able to ask Alexa to do things. If you have the option for Face ID, then you need not touch your iPhone. Damian Mehers’ is a voice app that lets you launch the same by saying “Alexa”. But for such things to take place, you need to create a Siri Shortcut.

3. Recent Upgrades

Apart from the voice command option, Amazon also recently added the option to share photos and emoji reactions to Echo Show devices through the app. With that in hand, Alexa aims to form the complete picture, and you will be more than happy to use it as the default setting. Individuals who tend to multi-task will find the new upgrade to be beneficial as it offers easy mobility and other similar aspects. The inclusion of the hands-free voice commands is another feature that takes things further to a whole different level.


Display Travel Keepsakes

Creative Ways to Display Travel Keepsakes

Often we end up finding some torn tickets, pebbles, and other souvenirs in your pockets and backpacks after a long trip. Throwing these things away is like tossing away all those memories. Instead, you can keep them at your home to collect memories from every trip that you have been to. Every time you or someone else come across these souvenirs, you will have a story to tell. So you must as well be creative to display them in your collection properly. Here are some creative ways to store your travel keepsakes for a long time.

Decorative binders

You can purchase an interesting looking binder from a stationary and use it as a blog for keeping your travel photos, postcards, brochures, tickets, restaurant menus, etc. Use your creativity to decorate the outside and insider of the binder. Soon you will have a library of binders containing memories from different trips you have been to.


Sand jars

If you fell in love with the sand of a beach, scroop up a little bit to take home with you. You can also take some shells with you along with the sand. Use a glass jar to fill up the sand and insert a picture from the tip on the top with extra shells and pebbles. It will be a great décor for your window-side table.

Room-key magnets

You can ask your hotel room staff nicely to let you keep the cheap plastic room keys when you are leaving your room. Collect as many as you can, and use magnetic tape to stick the keys to your refrigerator. It will remind you of the places you have been to every time you open your fridge for some food.


Every traveller needs a photobook apart from their computer storage to turn your travel snaps into a real collection. You can customize your pictures and print them out. Next, paste the pictures into your photobook and decorate the page with creative captions, backgrounds, and sketches. You can also paste some other memorable keepsakes like boarding passes and tickets to add more memories to it.

Ticket Collage

Ticket Collage

Another thing you can do with your tickets is to collect them all together and make a huge collage that you can hang on your wall. Tickets can be from events, museums, parks, or simply of travelling in public transports. It will not cost you anything to compile them all together into a big frame. You can use a map as the background and stick the tickets over the countries you have been to.

Travel Shelf

You can construct a travel shelf for an empty wall and place all your souvenirs on the shelf with a little information about the place. To do this, you will have to intentionally pick a few things from the destination, like a stick from a herbal plant, a special rock you found in the river, an art piece with traditional importance and more. You can make a mini-museum of your own with all the collectables from your journeys.



Finance for freelancers

Managing money while you’re trying to do freelance full-time as your full-time job is a complicated task. Managing finance and knowing how to mend the specific cash flow is difficult to understand. Knowing how freelancing works is one of the reasons that a lot of people fail and go back to working a full-time job or they’re just frustrated that they can make freelancing happen.

Increasing scale increases expenses

People who have been freelancing full-time for more than five years or after freelancing part-time for ten years, people are always learning and improving. It is important to feel pretty confident even though you are still learning. Split your freelancing which is a business that you have to understand, it’s a business from your account so what happens is that you start off freelancing as part-time or doing a project here and there and so it doesn’t make sense to open a new bank account. All the money is coming into your personal bank account, and it does make sense that it is easier to manage when you’re only doing a project, but once you move into full-time freelancing and you have a lot of projects. You will start having expenses.

Separate accounts

Keep two separate accounts.

When you manage your personal finance and your business finance in one bank account it becomes a huge mess even though you were trying to keep spreadsheets as to what’s going on it was very hard to see how the business is running. If the business is actually profitable, how much money you are taking as a salary and actually managing this as a proper business. You should move into opening a business account and then putting all the freelance money over there and just taking a salary based on what you need so you can always see what’s going on in the business. The reason that it is so important is that the freelancer like cash flow is forever gone around like there are ups and downs and even if you have projects all the time, your income will be pretty significant. If you have a salaried account, you will be able to take on new projects without worrying about work pressure and the tension of spending more. If you’re not saving up money on the side because you know that you’re going to have the little months as well then you get stuck, you don’t know how to prepare yourself for it for this situation, and it’s tough to tell how much money are you making per month.

In a nutshell

The world of freelance is very tricky, and it is very uncertain about analysing what kind of project will come up at what time. It is essential for all freelancers that they manage their funds very adequately as there is no fixed salary and the inflow of money ultimately depends on the number of projects taken up by the freelancers. Having multiple bank accounts saves freelancers from future troubles and financial issues.

Online Shopping

How to Pick the Right Online Store for the Right Product

Online shopping is the new market place, on which people are continually relying in today’s world. They can buy items online, that has not only increased sales of various products worldwide but also has improved customer experience in differing ways.

Customers enjoy the convenience and sophistication of most of these online websites bring to us, from across the world. The only prerequisite is a screen with a secure internet connection. Although some people complain about the delivery charges, it is still predominantly a necessity to ship and deliver option overseas that add to the cost.

Despite all the convenience and amenities provided by the online stores, people still face ambiguity in choosing the right store to buy their products. There are times when people have to switch between various sites. This happens because of multiple reasons:

  • Poor delivery or customer care experience
  • Poor brand quality
  • Difficulty in choosing as all the sites offer similar offers and prices.
  • Delay in delivery of goods

Considering the facts mentioned above, it is essential to understand a website and a store before purchasing anything from it. This will not only keep risks at bay but also ensure s smooth customer experience. Here are some of the points to consider, to choose the right product from the right store.



Customers take utmost care when it comes to payment methods, in the risk of online fraud and, malicious activities from hackers. Any shopping website needs to allow various methods of payment including Paypal, net banking, debit or credit cards and also cash on delivery. Do not shop from sites which do not offer more than two payment options.

Customer reviews

Customer review I the only way people can understand the faithfulness and the quality of the brand. Customers need to have a keen eye for honest customer reviews and ratings.  It is crucial to weigh the ratings and reviews among different sites to gain a perspective of the right kind of product the customer is looking for.

Terms and policies

Terms and policies

Even though the customer is looking for a particular product and most often than not, they do not care to read the terms and conditions, it is highly recommended and vital to follow the terms and conditions. One is advised to buy only from those sites whose terms and conditions favour the buyer.

Look for the items on the right website

If a customer wants to buy clothes, then they have to look for websites and stores that are famous or clothes and not electronics. THIS GOES WITHOUT SAYING. For example, if you want to buy electronic in India, you must visit the online electronics stores like Chroma etc. and not Shein, which is famous for clothes.



Just like offline shopping in malls, online shopping can also become tedious process with all the switching between websites and comparing rates. However, when educated entirely about the product, one can find the right product in the right store without hassle.


Investment Tips For Small Business Owners

Owning a business is not an easy job, especially when you are running on a low capital. One needs to understand business needs capital, skill and determination to work well. One of the best ways to invest but you need to have the right investing game.

Start with penny stocks

A penny stock is a common stock which is sold for less than a dollar. This is a highly volatile investment which can be the best place for any new investors to start. As a small business, you need to make sure that you are getting the right trading penny stocks.

Business goals

Alight investments with your business goals

There are many entities that you might have to consider when you are looking into the business before making any speculation. You can also make sure that you are closer to the business goals and plans. Investments are always a way of enhancing income and cannot be supplemented for another. Taking money for another part of the business when it comes to holding is not a very smart option. Try to make sure that you are not losing money on your investment and your business as it will make it harder for the business to recover.

Diversify investments

This is the general rule of thumb to put all the eggs in the same basket. There are a few stocks which can be devalued but still can provide you with the right profits that can help reduce your overall risks as an investor to help you with your business interests.

Consider mutual funds

When you are trying to make any savvy investment, there is a level of risk on the need to make, which will allow you to make the right investments. Start by making sure that you are options for lower-risk making mutual funds a better place to start. The larger the mutual funds, hundreds of sticks can be combined in one place which will allow one to make the right decision providing you opportunities with the market.


Keep time on your side

Investing one way to get rich quick schemes to help with the amateur investors treat which can provide with the long term game which will help one have a good return to wait on. Even when things look bad in the market, it is always a good sign that you need to pull your money right. This can tend to you having higher results. Try to pull your investments where you need to have all the right opportunities to help you win some of the best returns.

Avoid leverage

Leverages can be easy and can help increase your profits. This is the best way to amplify your losses and gains, but it is a bit of a gamble. If things go bad, the broker will make a margin call which will require the investor to put extra cash to help make up for the loss that occurred.