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OxSPA Talent Coach Programme “Class of 2017”

Following on from the successful Talent Coach Programme run by OxSPA in 2016 /17, we are pleased to announce that a second phase of the TCP will take place in 2017 /18. There will be 2 offers, one for individuals and the other for NGB's. Expressions of interest will be sent out in May so please keep an eye out.

Highlights from 2016/17:-

  • 10 coaches registered for the programme across 10 sports:-Equestrian & Dressage/Kayak – Sprint and Marathon racing/Netball/Fencing/Figure Skating/Rugby/Synchronised Swimming/ Powerlifting
  • More female coaches on the Programme (Links to Reach into Project 500) 7 Female 3 Male.
  • 4 Coach Educators (mentors)trained
  • 2 workshop tutors trained
  • Good attendance rate at the workshops - 2 coaches attending 2 workshops, 2 coaches attending 3 and 5 coaches attending all 4 *Reasons for non – attendance were coaching commitments /illness.
  • Coaches informal buddy system
  • Community of learning – behaviour change
  • Coach Educators attended all workshops and participated in the discussion/breakout groups
  • Cross sport networking worked in this setting, opened coaches eyes and minds to practices of other coaches
  • Dedicated Coach Developers
  • Coach Developers learned from each other and the coaches
  • Graduation event with guest appearance from Stuart Armstrong (Head of Coaching Sport England) who facilitated a lively, interactive session on his interpretation of "What is Talent"

If you would like to know more please contact Denise Brown, Coaching Development Officer Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity dmbrown@oxford.gov.uk

Coming soon "The Class of 2018" – Talent Coach Programme for coaches wanting to get on to the performance continuum

Read more about the successful 2016-17 programme on the pdf below